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Wall Mounting Instructions

Wall mounting a flat panel television set is a rather straightforward job.

3 Major Steps

Cotytech wall mounts are mostly pre-assembled. So all you need is just 3 steps to complete the installation:

1.Screw the back plate of your plasma TV wall mount onto the wall
2.Attach the front plate to your flat-panel TV.
3.Lower the plasma TV with the mounted front plate assembly in place into the rest of the wall mount.

About Wall

If you are installing your plasma TV wall mount on a drywall, be sure to screw your mount into wood studs, not just into the wallboard. When fixing to brickwork or solid masonry use suitable wall plugs and screws.

It is your responsibility to ensure the wall structure and fixings are capable of supporting the screen and mount in a normal working environment.

Double-check the stability of your plasma TV wall mount. Once you fix the plasma TV mount in place, pull on it as hard as you can to make sure it is absolutely firm in place. Do this before proceeding to hang on yourLCD or plasma television set. If you have any doubts regarding installation please consult a qualified contractor.

Finding Studs

In new houses, studs are generally placed 16 inches apart. Therefore, if you find one, you can look for one that is far away. In addition, power outlets are usually placed adjacent to a stud, so look for a stud there.

If for some reason you cannot locate the studs, get an inexpensive $20 stud finder - available from any hardware store.

Always ensure that the fixtures you adopt penetrate the stud.

Important! -- Safety First

The biggest concern when installing a LCD or plasma TV wall mount is buried electricity wiring in the wall. Be careful not to drill or screw into any wiring. The best way to work safely is to get an inexpensive electricity cable locator - usually available from hardware stores.

It is true that flat screen television sets are slim, but they can be very heavy. If you are not sure of your DIY skills, or in doubt about the load bearing capacity of your wall, call professional assistance.


Do not forget to connect all cables prior to hanging your flat screen TV on the wall bracket if you are using a 'fixed-type' TV wall mount. Once you hang the TV in place, it is close to impossible to plug in any connecting cables with a fixed wall mount.